LEVEL: Lab Rats


Every year a halloween themed map is released for free during a limited time. For this years celebration we wanted to make something more special. The end result was something similar to a “rats” map from Counter-Strike where the level is scaled up until the player is the size of a rat. Your goal is to try to cook meth while dodging enemies, avoid falling from deadly heights and stay away from huge, hungry spiders.

A community poll was held for keeping the map forever instead of removing it after a time period. It passed within a few hours.

I was responsible for Design and Scripting the level.

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LEVEL: Nocua


As our first level design assignment at Futuregames we were to create a level for the game The Ball using existing assets. It was going to be a standalone level in the same style with the same design approach as the original levels.

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Electric Room

Ball_PuzzleElectricThe first puzzle. This room controls the electricity that powers the magnet arm puzzle. Placing an object on the “power pad” (blue highlight) will close the circuit and active the door leading to the Lava room. From the Lava room the player retrieves a cube that can first be used to get the Ball back and then replace it. Now the player can go back to the Magnet Room that is now powered up and functional.

Lava Room


What the player needs to retrieve in the Lava room is a cube that is suspended from rope in the middle of the room. The trick is to swing it using your “Gravity Gun”-esque weapon. When the cube gets enough momentum the rope touches one of the torches that attached in the ceiling. The entire contraption will fall down and shatter when touching the ground. The cube is now freed and at the players disposal.

Magnet Arm Room

The goal is to transport the ball from the first floor to the second.


Stepping on the pressure plate will activate the magnet arm and grab the ball if its close enough. When activated the arm will also move into a vertical position.


Pipe Rooms


This is a non-linear puzzle that involves turning two pipes that controls the flow of steam. The steam is responsible for controlling two things. The huge gate separating the two rooms and the smaller gates found in the second room (picture below).
Each pipe can either be on or off. For each pipe turned on, the door moves one step down. When both are active the gate is levelled with the floor. The trick is that each smaller gate only opens when an attached pipe is turned off.

The issue with the original concept was that there were just 4 different possible solutions to the problem and would thereby be too easy. That is why the pipe controller to the left also controls a set of stairs leading up to the second pipe controller. So you can only activate the second pipe by activating the first. A delay is also applied to every action making the solution less obvious.




LEVEL: Walled In


3 part objective map

Supports 8 to 32 players

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Area 1 – The Beach


The first area revolves around a push objective were the attackers needs to stick to the cart to move it forward. The attackers goal is to reach the main gate of the fort on top of the hill with the cart.

This area was designed to favor ranged classes with long Line of sights and elevated positions. But since the objective requires people to stand by the object to move it. They have to engage in close combat. So dividing the classes in the team i necessary to succeed.

As the cart gets pushed further and further, the distance from the attackers spawn to the cart increases. Instead of pushing it closer and closer to the defenders the objective route sweeps around the defending teams spawn to keep the distance for the defenders to run the same.

Area 2 – The Village


The defending team need to keep the attacking team from reaching 3 different areas with villagers. To complete the objective the attackers need to kill every single villager in every area.

This objective was created with team strategy in mind. There are several key paths to defend so the defending team needs to spread out to cover all of them and communicate to be successful.

Area 3 – The Castle


In the last area the attacking team needs to

To get access to the king the attackers needs to destroy a gate. During that time the defenders will have time to respawn and regroup. They also have the chance to decide what room they want to take their last stand in, choosing from 3 different ones.

(The king role is given to the top scoring player in the defending team)




LEVEL: HELI-Scrapyard


A segment for the extended version of Unmechanical for Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. The addition is standalone bonus level with one hour of extra content.

I was responsible for cleaning up art, beautification and optimization.

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Originally the level lacked identity, with bland colors and seemingly randomly placed assets. I wanted to create a more believable setting were everything placed seem to have a purpose, colored with a clear color palette.

Since this level was supposed to resemble a scrapyard I used that as a starting point. The green goo was added to set the overall tone of the level and also give purpose to all the pipes. To give more visual depth to the level I created similar buildings as in the foreground in the back and lit them up to further enhance the effect. To push the depth effect even further, planes of fog was added in the background.





Game project developed over one month at Futuregames with a team of 5 people.

I was responsible for scripting, game design and audio.

Winner of Swedish game awards 14 category: “Best Execution in Audio”

Nominated in Swedish game awards 14 for “Best Technical Execution”


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On the 18th of June 2014 Beat It was awarded with the prize for “Best Execution in Audio” with the motivation:

“Audio comprises one third of the sensory communication we experience with games; we can use it as a mechanism to provide feedback – to reward or punish activity. We can use it to enhance the sense of flow and connection. It can also be used to make our games come alive. That is exactly what this years winner of Best Execution in Audio achieves.”


Left to right: Romi Gråhed(Jury member), Dragos Burlacu, Me, Samuel Schultz and Mikaela Älgekrans


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